We start out building interest in music at an early age.

Anabelle 1 year later, age 5

Music classes in Bellevue, Washington

Looking for preschools? How about a special music program for young children?
Send them to preschool. They come home playing songs on the piano!


It's been one year since our classes were on hold due to the COVID19 restrictions. We are finally taking steps to open with small numbers and pleased to offer one-of-a-kind weekend music classes to young children. Our full preschool program is not available yet.

Summer of 2021: Offering Weekend Music Classes only

Sundays, July 11 to August 1

9 am - 9:30 am


Located at Northwest Pianos in Bellevue

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Music is All Around

Growing up is so much fun. So is learning music! Our program promotes classical music throughout the activities and during the transitions to awakens musical powers in a child.

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Why wait until Five?

Start young in the right direction. Feel the beats and develop fine motor skills with fluid finger coordination. If you've ever wanted to sign up your young child in a piano class at an early age, this is for you.

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Music Powers Brain

With a focus on music, we learn literacy, math, and apply everything to music. Our advanced academic curriculum is based on in-depth research to bring out the best of each child.

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Learn like Mozart!

Mozart had abundant resources to become a child prodigy; born in a musical family with his father and sister who plays violin and piano. Early exposure to music takes us a step further in developing keen ears in musical language. Kids will naturally find the passion and grow up to enjoy fulfillment in music.

Our special method successfully engages children to become proficient in music. Who will be our next little Mozart?


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