• 1/3/18                School reopens
  • 1/13/18              (9:30 am-12:30 pm) Preschool Fair, South Bellevue Community Center. RSVP here
  • 1/15/18              Martin Luther King Jr. Day, regular class is closed
  • 1/15/18              (12-12:45 pm) Music Playgroup, anyone welcome, register at
  • 2/19-2/23          Mid-winter break
  • 2/26/18             (12-12:30 pm) Open house, RSVP here
  • 3/1/18                Registration for 2018-19 opens

Music classes in Bellevue, Washington

Looking for preschools? How about a special music program for young children?
Send them to preschool. They come home playing songs on piano!

1. Half Day Drop-off Preschool Program for 3 to 5 years old children.

2. Also offering classes from Birth to Five (with a caregiver)

Located at Northwest Pianos in Bellevue

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Music is All Around

Growing up is so much fun. So is learning music! Our program promotes classical music throughout the activities and transitions to awakens true sensation in music from a young child.

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Why wait until Five?

Start young. In the right direction. Feel the beats and develop fine motor skills with fluid finger coordination. If you've ever wanted to sign up your young child in a piano class at an early age, you are at the right place.

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Music and More!

With focus on music, we learn literacy and numbers and apply everything to music. Our program is built with weekly goals and integrates with academic curriculum to be kindergarten-ready when they graduate.

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Learn like Mozart!

Mozart had abundant resources to become a child prodigy. Musical family background, a violinist father, a sister who plays piano and so on. Early child development with emphasis on music takes us further steps with increased listening skills and deeper understanding of musical insights. Kids grow up and naturally find their passion, find choice of instruments, and life direction.

See how far your little one can stretch the imagination and fill up an empty board!


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